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Find a certified nurse or midwife.

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians .

Excellent compilation of birth DVDs for viewing and purchase

Useful information in avoiding unnecessary cesareans.

Resource directory emphasizing trust and self-confidence.

Learning how to connect with your inherent birthing potential.

The magazine of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

Infant sleep safety guidelines.

Wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts.

Mindfulness practices for pregnancy and early motherhood.

Midwives alliance for unity and strength.

Resources for home birth, natural birth and water birth.

Website of Ina may Gaskin, leading midwifery advocate, author, innovator.

An online consumer survey of women’s birth experiences.

All about doulas and finding a doula.

Easier childbirth with optimal fetal positioning.

Vitalistic articles and resources for family wellness.

Community groups and forums connecting parents.

Global Vaccine Institute.

Effective preparation and support for fathers.

A comprehensive resource of birth centers.  

Helping women make informed decisions.

What to really expect in today’s modern birthing system.

Understanding the consciousness of infants and babies in utero.

Husband-coached childbirth.

The birthplace of natural family lifestyle.

Resources, educators and doulas.

Breastfeeding and parenting.

Breastfeeding and parenting.

Comprehensive pregnancy information.