Super Sculpting Play Dough/Doh Soap

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Features: *COLORS WILL VARY* 100% NATURAL KIDS SOAP, BODY WASH & BATH TUB TOY ALL IN 1! REUSE THE SOAP DOUGH AGAIN & AGAIN! Dirty Kids Organics has created "super sculpting soap", a fun cleansing soap that you can mold and create your very own custom-shaped and sized soaps, perfect......

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  • *COLORS WILL VARY* 100% NATURAL KIDS SOAP, BODY WASH & BATH TUB TOY ALL IN 1! REUSE THE SOAP DOUGH AGAIN & AGAIN! Dirty Kids Organics has created "super sculpting soap", a fun cleansing soap that you can mold and create your very own custom-shaped and sized soaps, perfect for little hands!
  • ALL DAY PLAY FOR ALL AGES, IN THE BATH TO PLAY AND WASH WITH, OR OUT OF THE TUB AS ANY TYPE OF DOUGH/SLIME/PUTTY REPLACEMENT: All ages of kids can play with the soap play dough even when they're not taking a bath or shower. The natural soap dough can be molded and played with anytime as if it was clay, slime, or putty. Shapes can be left out to dry, and used as shaped bar soaps too!
  • TOTALLY SAFE FOR YOUR KIDS, MADE FROM 100% NATURAL SOAP, IN THE USA: As ALWAYS, Your kids' safety is our top priority. For this reason, we only use natural and organic ingredients when we make the moldable soap dough. The nontoxic hand and body soap are free of hazardous chemicals and harmful additives, so your kid can play with it daily without fear.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR KIDS BIRTHDAYS OR HOLIDAYS! GIVE A USABLE GIFT BOTH THE CHILD AND THEIR PARENTS WILL TRUELY LOVE! Cars, dolls and video games are all nice toys, but the natural moldable soap dough is a much more fun, creative and unique toy. So if you're looking for a gift for a young boy or girl, get them the super sculpting soap and, trust us, they're going to love it!

Details: This fun natural product will be different each time, colors and textures will vary depending on which soaps are included.

A Bathing Soap That You Can Mold And Play With!

Do you want to make your kids look forward to bath time? Then get these super sculpting soaps and the job will be done!

Your kids will be able to play with the moldable soap dough while they take a bath and create any shape they want.

Then, they can let the molded soaps dry and have their own custom-shaped soaps for the next time they take a bath or wash their hands!

You Can Play With The Soap Playdough Even When It's Dry!

This may be a cleansing soap, however, your kids can play with it all the time, even when they're not taking a bath.

Your kids can use the moldable soap dough again and again and create any shape they can imagine of.

The sculpting soap is a toy that will kindle your kid's creativity and keep it busy and happy anytime, anywhere.

We Don't Joke Around When It Comes To Your Safety!

We care deeply about the safety of your loved ones, that's why we take our jobs seriously.

Our organic moldable bath soap dough is made with the most natural ingredients. It is nontoxic, antibacterial and totally safe.

Your child can use it daily to wash their hands, bodies, as a great bubble bath (run under water, or agitate to create lots of bubbles) and, of course, to mold it and play with it.

A Unique Gift Idea!

Do you want to buy a present for your kid, for the child of a friend, or for a child in your family? Then get the super sculpting soap!

Nobody else will think to bring such a unique present and be sure that any child is going to love the moldable soap.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Dirty Kids Organics super sculpting bath soap dough and make a kid happy!

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Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 3.7 x 3.5 inches

Tags: Newborn

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